Puzzling Adventures Customer Photo Explore the city with your nearest and dearest, embarking on a Puzzling Adventure. Uncover hidden gems and elevate your sightseeing journey with a dash of intrigue and excitement!

Puzzling Adventures

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About Puzzling Adventures

Searching for an engaging activity to enjoy with your kids, teens, tweens, other family, friends or colleagues?

Step into the world of Puzzling Adventures, a captivating blend of scavenger hunt, self-guided walking tour and an amazing race. Experience the outdoors in a whole new light as you embark on this unique adventure. Navigate the city, solving puzzles and answering questions to uncover your next destination. All you need is a smartphone and an appetite for an unforgettable escapade!

Fun for all ages...

Kids, teens, tweens, young adults, seniors, groups, couples, or individuals. Almost all of our adventures are designed to be wheelchair and stroller friendly and all are carefully crafted to be entertaining and informative with something to appeal to everyone.

Flexibility to explore at your own tempo...

Thanks to our self-guided adventures, scheduling is a breeze, no reservations required. Whether you're aiming for the top spot or opting for a more relaxed journey, it's entirely up to you. Take the time to dive deeper into each destination or race to be number one, the choice is yours!

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Puzzling Adventures near Montana City

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Customer Reviews

Had a lot of fun walking around, answering questions and being silly!
Eric G.
This was a great experience!
Natalie M.
This was so much fun! What a great adventure!
Michele P.
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Puzzling Adventures Highlights

  • Informative
  • Accessible
  • Kid friendly
  • 250+ Locations
  • Photo Challenges
  • Exploration
  • Flat rate price
  • No reservations
  • Team building
  • Outdoor activity
  • Enriching

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There are a lot of studies that show even just sitting under a tree every day, lowers our stress, which can then, in turn, lower blood pressure, heart rate and those stress hormones, like cortisol. There's a natural calming effect created by breathing in fresh air and focusing on the sounds and sights around you. It's even proven to help people suffering from anxiety and depression. There's studies that are ongoing about how that could potentially help people who have ADHD. It's been shown it can improve our memory even so it could be even more cognitively active when we come back from being outside.
CBS News

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Mapping 105 Reeders Alley, Helena, MT 59601
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105 Reeders Alley, Helena, MT 59601

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Amazing Race

The Silos Amazing Race Austin Amazing Race Wickes Amazing Race Helena Valley Northwest Amazing Race Sieben Amazing Race Lakeside Amazing Race Quigley Amazing Race Bedford Amazing Race Comet Amazing Race Barker Amazing Race Atlantic City Historical Amazing Race Forest Heights Amazing Race Clancy Amazing Race Rimini Amazing Race Wolf Creek Amazing Race Cavetown Amazing Race Iron Amazing Race York Amazing Race Canton Amazing Race Nelson Amazing Race Bald Butte Amazing Race Prairie Mobile Village Amazing Race Leadville Amazing Race Dotsonville Historical Amazing Race Helena Valley West Central Amazing Race Birdseye Amazing Race Emery Historical Amazing Race South Hills Amazing Race Rieder Amazing Race Queen Amazing Race Blossburg Amazing Race Avon Amazing Race Bernice Amazing Race Elkhorn Amazing Race Helena Valley Southeast Amazing Race Mcgillvary Amazing Race Glenbeg Historical Amazing Race Clasoil Amazing Race Seven Mile Historical Amazing Race New Haven Historical Amazing Race Gloster Amazing Race Lewiston Historical Amazing Race Trinity Historical Amazing Race Ferris Historical Amazing Race Blackfoot City Historical Amazing Race Hassel Amazing Race Wilborn Amazing Race East Helena Amazing Race Broadwater Amazing Race Four Range Amazing Race Tobin Amazing Race Winston Amazing Race Elliston Amazing Race Skyline Amazing Race Mcmullan Amazing Race Leisure Village Mobile Home Park Amazing Race Montana City Amazing Race Park City Amazing Race Marysville Amazing Race Blue Cloud Historical Amazing Race Kyle Amazing Race Canyon Creek Amazing Race Silver City Amazing Race Daytown Historical Amazing Race Amazon Amazing Race Sunset Trailer Court Amazing Race Fuller Amazing Race Noble Amazing Race Mountain View Trailer Court Amazing Race Blazing Place Amazing Race Gearing Amazing Race Weed Amazing Race Old Weiss And French Place Amazing Race Corbin Amazing Race Reynolds Trailer Court Amazing Race Mountain Valley Trailer Court Amazing Race Dennison Historical Amazing Race Basin Amazing Race Whites City Amazing Race Jefferson City Amazing Race Strom Amazing Race Belmont Historical Amazing Race Kenwood Historical Amazing Race Helena Amazing Race Alhambra Amazing Race Helena Valley Northeast Amazing Race Bradley Historical Amazing Race Helena West Side Amazing Race Canyon Ferry Amazing Race Mcdonald Amazing Race Portal Amazing Race Boulder Amazing Race Mobile City Home Park Amazing Race Mchugh Trailer Court Amazing Race Evergreen Court Amazing Race Diamond City Amazing Race Louisville Amazing Race Unionville Amazing Race Frontier Town Amazing Race Vista Amazing Race

Treasure Hunt

Elkhorn Treasure Hunt Helena Valley Northeast Treasure Hunt Rieder Treasure Hunt Glenbeg Historical Treasure Hunt Kyle Treasure Hunt Quigley Treasure Hunt Clasoil Treasure Hunt Helena Valley West Central Treasure Hunt Prairie Mobile Village Treasure Hunt Mountain View Trailer Court Treasure Hunt The Silos Treasure Hunt Frontier Town Treasure Hunt Bernice Treasure Hunt Mcgillvary Treasure Hunt Kenwood Historical Treasure Hunt Leadville Treasure Hunt South Hills Treasure Hunt Gearing Treasure Hunt Mcdonald Treasure Hunt Blue Cloud Historical Treasure Hunt Noble Treasure Hunt Bradley Historical Treasure Hunt Canton Treasure Hunt Mchugh Trailer Court Treasure Hunt Amazon Treasure Hunt Hassel Treasure Hunt Park City Treasure Hunt Unionville Treasure Hunt Helena Valley Northwest Treasure Hunt Sieben Treasure Hunt Elliston Treasure Hunt Weed Treasure Hunt Blossburg Treasure Hunt Helena Treasure Hunt Canyon Creek Treasure Hunt Atlantic City Historical Treasure Hunt Mountain Valley Trailer Court Treasure Hunt Corbin Treasure Hunt Seven Mile Historical Treasure Hunt Blackfoot City Historical Treasure Hunt Birdseye Treasure Hunt East Helena Treasure Hunt Dotsonville Historical Treasure Hunt Mcmullan Treasure Hunt Queen Treasure Hunt Basin Treasure Hunt Austin Treasure Hunt Clancy Treasure Hunt Whites City Treasure Hunt Winston Treasure Hunt Wickes Treasure Hunt Iron Treasure Hunt Bedford Treasure Hunt Dennison Historical Treasure Hunt Forest Heights Treasure Hunt Gloster Treasure Hunt Sunset Trailer Court Treasure Hunt Silver City Treasure Hunt Mobile City Home Park Treasure Hunt Reynolds Trailer Court Treasure Hunt Strom Treasure Hunt Lakeside Treasure Hunt Trinity Historical Treasure Hunt New Haven Historical Treasure Hunt Fuller Treasure Hunt Blazing Place Treasure Hunt Nelson Treasure Hunt Comet Treasure Hunt Skyline Treasure Hunt Four Range Treasure Hunt Rimini Treasure Hunt Emery Historical Treasure Hunt Wilborn Treasure Hunt Broadwater Treasure Hunt Diamond City Treasure Hunt Louisville Treasure Hunt Canyon Ferry Treasure Hunt Portal Treasure Hunt Cavetown Treasure Hunt Alhambra Treasure Hunt Wolf Creek Treasure Hunt Bald Butte Treasure Hunt Barker Treasure Hunt Helena Valley Southeast Treasure Hunt Jefferson City Treasure Hunt Vista Treasure Hunt Belmont Historical Treasure Hunt Tobin Treasure Hunt Ferris Historical Treasure Hunt Daytown Historical Treasure Hunt Leisure Village Mobile Home Park Treasure Hunt Montana City Treasure Hunt Old Weiss And French Place Treasure Hunt Helena West Side Treasure Hunt Avon Treasure Hunt York Treasure Hunt Evergreen Court Treasure Hunt Marysville Treasure Hunt Boulder Treasure Hunt Lewiston Historical Treasure Hunt

Escape Room

Amazon Escape Room Strom Escape Room Mountain Valley Trailer Court Escape Room Ferris Historical Escape Room Rimini Escape Room Vista Escape Room Canyon Creek Escape Room Clasoil Escape Room Trinity Historical Escape Room Mountain View Trailer Court Escape Room Dennison Historical Escape Room Elliston Escape Room Frontier Town Escape Room Helena Valley Northwest Escape Room Whites City Escape Room Wickes Escape Room Cavetown Escape Room Barker Escape Room Dotsonville Historical Escape Room Silver City Escape Room Mcmullan Escape Room Nelson Escape Room Diamond City Escape Room Birdseye Escape Room Reynolds Trailer Court Escape Room Bradley Historical Escape Room Seven Mile Historical Escape Room Sunset Trailer Court Escape Room Portal Escape Room Marysville Escape Room Noble Escape Room Queen Escape Room Fuller Escape Room Mcgillvary Escape Room Tobin Escape Room Avon Escape Room Blazing Place Escape Room Quigley Escape Room Boulder Escape Room Helena West Side Escape Room Rieder Escape Room Bald Butte Escape Room Lewiston Historical Escape Room Hassel Escape Room Winston Escape Room The Silos Escape Room Jefferson City Escape Room Mcdonald Escape Room Elkhorn Escape Room Helena Escape Room Evergreen Court Escape Room Emery Historical Escape Room Montana City Escape Room Old Weiss And French Place Escape Room Louisville Escape Room Lakeside Escape Room Canton Escape Room Forest Heights Escape Room Prairie Mobile Village Escape Room Helena Valley Northeast Escape Room Helena Valley West Central Escape Room Leadville Escape Room Weed Escape Room Basin Escape Room Canyon Ferry Escape Room Bedford Escape Room Daytown Historical Escape Room Glenbeg Historical Escape Room Kyle Escape Room Skyline Escape Room New Haven Historical Escape Room Helena Valley Southeast Escape Room Iron Escape Room Wilborn Escape Room Gloster Escape Room Unionville Escape Room Gearing Escape Room Belmont Historical Escape Room Mchugh Trailer Court Escape Room Park City Escape Room Alhambra Escape Room York Escape Room Kenwood Historical Escape Room Atlantic City Historical Escape Room Blackfoot City Historical Escape Room Clancy Escape Room Bernice Escape Room Blossburg Escape Room Broadwater Escape Room Wolf Creek Escape Room Austin Escape Room Corbin Escape Room Leisure Village Mobile Home Park Escape Room Comet Escape Room Sieben Escape Room Blue Cloud Historical Escape Room Four Range Escape Room East Helena Escape Room South Hills Escape Room Mobile City Home Park Escape Room

Walking Tour

Bald Butte Walking Tour Comet Walking Tour Silver City Walking Tour Mcdonald Walking Tour Old Weiss And French Place Walking Tour Diamond City Walking Tour Quigley Walking Tour Mchugh Trailer Court Walking Tour Helena Valley Southeast Walking Tour Lakeside Walking Tour Wilborn Walking Tour Mountain Valley Trailer Court Walking Tour Weed Walking Tour Sieben Walking Tour Bradley Historical Walking Tour Belmont Historical Walking Tour Blazing Place Walking Tour Alhambra Walking Tour Blossburg Walking Tour Fuller Walking Tour Whites City Walking Tour Rimini Walking Tour Louisville Walking Tour Strom Walking Tour New Haven Historical Walking Tour Park City Walking Tour Wickes Walking Tour Cavetown Walking Tour Helena West Side Walking Tour Canyon Creek Walking Tour Canton Walking Tour Gearing Walking Tour Clasoil Walking Tour Ferris Historical Walking Tour Barker Walking Tour Winston Walking Tour Bedford Walking Tour Nelson Walking Tour Noble Walking Tour The Silos Walking Tour Forest Heights Walking Tour Blackfoot City Historical Walking Tour Hassel Walking Tour Avon Walking Tour Basin Walking Tour Broadwater Walking Tour Kyle Walking Tour Four Range Walking Tour Amazon Walking Tour Birdseye Walking Tour Leisure Village Mobile Home Park Walking Tour Glenbeg Historical Walking Tour Mobile City Home Park Walking Tour Reynolds Trailer Court Walking Tour Sunset Trailer Court Walking Tour Helena Walking Tour Trinity Historical Walking Tour Mcmullan Walking Tour East Helena Walking Tour Helena Valley Northeast Walking Tour Helena Valley West Central Walking Tour Dennison Historical Walking Tour Boulder Walking Tour Unionville Walking Tour Gloster Walking Tour Leadville Walking Tour Daytown Historical Walking Tour Austin Walking Tour Vista Walking Tour Elliston Walking Tour Skyline Walking Tour Elkhorn Walking Tour Atlantic City Historical Walking Tour Mountain View Trailer Court Walking Tour Montana City Walking Tour Portal Walking Tour Corbin Walking Tour Bernice Walking Tour Jefferson City Walking Tour Blue Cloud Historical Walking Tour Prairie Mobile Village Walking Tour Dotsonville Historical Walking Tour Clancy Walking Tour Iron Walking Tour Seven Mile Historical Walking Tour Wolf Creek Walking Tour South Hills Walking Tour Helena Valley Northwest Walking Tour Queen Walking Tour Frontier Town Walking Tour Mcgillvary Walking Tour Emery Historical Walking Tour Tobin Walking Tour Canyon Ferry Walking Tour Lewiston Historical Walking Tour Marysville Walking Tour Kenwood Historical Walking Tour York Walking Tour Evergreen Court Walking Tour Rieder Walking Tour

Scavenger Hunt

Mcdonald Scavenger Hunt Clancy Scavenger Hunt Gearing Scavenger Hunt Trinity Historical Scavenger Hunt Corbin Scavenger Hunt Forest Heights Scavenger Hunt Sieben Scavenger Hunt Mchugh Trailer Court Scavenger Hunt Portal Scavenger Hunt Helena Valley Northeast Scavenger Hunt Gloster Scavenger Hunt Helena West Side Scavenger Hunt Helena Scavenger Hunt Silver City Scavenger Hunt Winston Scavenger Hunt Mountain Valley Trailer Court Scavenger Hunt Basin Scavenger Hunt Old Weiss And French Place Scavenger Hunt Comet Scavenger Hunt Rimini Scavenger Hunt Lakeside Scavenger Hunt Evergreen Court Scavenger Hunt Kenwood Historical Scavenger Hunt Emery Historical Scavenger Hunt Montana City Scavenger Hunt Mobile City Home Park Scavenger Hunt Canyon Creek Scavenger Hunt Alhambra Scavenger Hunt Louisville Scavenger Hunt Unionville Scavenger Hunt Blazing Place Scavenger Hunt New Haven Historical Scavenger Hunt Belmont Historical Scavenger Hunt Reynolds Trailer Court Scavenger Hunt Boulder Scavenger Hunt Whites City Scavenger Hunt Seven Mile Historical Scavenger Hunt Dennison Historical Scavenger Hunt Diamond City Scavenger Hunt Frontier Town Scavenger Hunt Lewiston Historical Scavenger Hunt Canyon Ferry Scavenger Hunt Blossburg Scavenger Hunt Four Range Scavenger Hunt Sunset Trailer Court Scavenger Hunt Birdseye Scavenger Hunt Skyline Scavenger Hunt Marysville Scavenger Hunt Nelson Scavenger Hunt Bernice Scavenger Hunt Jefferson City Scavenger Hunt Dotsonville Historical Scavenger Hunt Bradley Historical Scavenger Hunt Weed Scavenger Hunt The Silos Scavenger Hunt Avon Scavenger Hunt Broadwater Scavenger Hunt Iron Scavenger Hunt Quigley Scavenger Hunt Bald Butte Scavenger Hunt Daytown Historical Scavenger Hunt Austin Scavenger Hunt Noble Scavenger Hunt Atlantic City Historical Scavenger Hunt Park City Scavenger Hunt Helena Valley West Central Scavenger Hunt Cavetown Scavenger Hunt Helena Valley Southeast Scavenger Hunt Rieder Scavenger Hunt Barker Scavenger Hunt Canton Scavenger Hunt Prairie Mobile Village Scavenger Hunt Mcmullan Scavenger Hunt Mountain View Trailer Court Scavenger Hunt Elkhorn Scavenger Hunt Queen Scavenger Hunt Blue Cloud Historical Scavenger Hunt Fuller Scavenger Hunt Amazon Scavenger Hunt Glenbeg Historical Scavenger Hunt Wilborn Scavenger Hunt South Hills Scavenger Hunt Ferris Historical Scavenger Hunt Blackfoot City Historical Scavenger Hunt York Scavenger Hunt Wolf Creek Scavenger Hunt East Helena Scavenger Hunt Tobin Scavenger Hunt Strom Scavenger Hunt Helena Valley Northwest Scavenger Hunt Bedford Scavenger Hunt Leisure Village Mobile Home Park Scavenger Hunt Elliston Scavenger Hunt Leadville Scavenger Hunt Kyle Scavenger Hunt Wickes Scavenger Hunt Hassel Scavenger Hunt Mcgillvary Scavenger Hunt Vista Scavenger Hunt Clasoil Scavenger Hunt
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