Puzzling Adventures Customer Photo Delight in a captivating outdoor odyssey with friends or family with a Puzzling Adventure. Unravel the clandestine wonders of your city. Transform your sightseeing exploration into an immersive experience!

Puzzling Adventures

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About Puzzling Adventures

Are you ready for a fun outdoor activity with your family, friends, or a special someone?

Embark on a Puzzling Adventure, a combintation of scavenger hunt, amazing race, and self-guided tour. Immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind outdoor experience, discovering city sights in an exciting new way. Traverse the route by answering questions or solving riddles. All that's required is your mobile device and your desire to enjoy an unforgettable journey!

Entertaining for all age groups...

Whether you're a grade-schooler, a young adult, or a senior, our adventures provide enjoyment for everyone. Almost all of our hand-crafted experiences are accessible to wheelchairs and strollers, prioritizing inclusivity. Each adventure is infused with elements of fun and learning, appealing to a wide range of interests and tastes.

Flexibility to explore at your own tempo...

Thanks to our self-guided adventures, scheduling is a breeze, no reservations required. Whether you're aiming for the top spot or opting for a more relaxed journey, it's entirely up to you. Take the time to dive deeper into each destination or race to be number one, the choice is yours!

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Puzzling Adventures near Heritage Place

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Customer Reviews

Highly recommend to anyone for a fun day out in the city!
Molly C.
Really enjoyed learning things we didn't know about the history and culture of the city.
Dianne M.
We had a great time. Great bonding experience for the whole family.
Angie B.
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Puzzling Adventures Highlights

  • Enriching
  • Team building
  • Informative
  • 250+ Locations
  • No reservations
  • Flat rate price
  • Photo Challenges
  • Outdoor activity
  • Exploration
  • Kid friendly
  • Accessible
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As little as 5 minutes of outdoor activity can help improve your self-esteem. This is especially true if you're near water or green space. And it's not high-intensity exercise that does it best. More relaxed activity like a walk, bike ride, or work in the garden seems to work even better.
Web MD
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Amazing Race

Cherrywood Amazing Race Marywood Amazing Race Crestview Knolls Amazing Race Country View Estates Amazing Race Bloomfield West Amazing Race Walnut Ridge Amazing Race Quail Grove Amazing Race Breckenridge Estates Amazing Race Cinnamon Creek Amazing Race Walnut Woods Amazing Race Ivanhoe Amazing Race Wolfs Amazing Race Frontenac Amazing Race Valley View Amazing Race Warrenville Amazing Race Bradford Place Amazing Race Saddle Creek Amazing Race Hickory Oaks Amazing Race Wolf Creek Island Amazing Race Hunters Ridge Amazing Race Wheatland View Amazing Race Heritage Knolls Amazing Race Drafke Amazing Race Royce Hill Amazing Race Rivercrest Estates Amazing Race Barbers Corners Amazing Race Wolf Creek Estates Amazing Race Sugar Brook Amazing Race Indian Chase Meadows Amazing Race Riverbend Amazing Race Old Sawmill Amazing Race Stillwater Amazing Race Wheatland Highlands Amazing Race River Woods Amazing Race Heather Sound Amazing Race Winchester Place Amazing Race Batavia Junction Amazing Race Colonial Village Amazing Race Home Run Amazing Race Arboretum Estates Amazing Race Heritage Creek Amazing Race Bayberry Ridge Amazing Race Wheatland South Amazing Race River Woods Estates Amazing Race Lisle Amazing Race Lakewood Ridge Amazing Race Reserves At Clearwater Amazing Race Winfield Amazing Race Indian Boundary Amazing Race Tamarack Fairways Amazing Race Indian Oaks Amazing Race Champion Creek Amazing Race Hunters Trail Amazing Race Stonegate Amazing Race Somerfield Amazing Race Downers Grove Amazing Race Bolingbrook Amazing Race Wheaton Amazing Race Woods Of Rivermist Amazing Race Foxcroft Amazing Race Plantation Amazing Race Woodridge Amazing Race Scraper Moecherville Amazing Race Bloomfield Village Amazing Race Rose Hill Farms Amazing Race Southgate Park Amazing Race Brook Crossings Estates Amazing Race Brookwood Estates Amazing Race Westbury Amazing Race Clow Creek Farm Amazing Race Kings Park Amazing Race Winston Village Amazing Race Claridge Estates Amazing Race Prairie Ridge Amazing Race Brookwood Estates Amazing Race Cider Creek Amazing Race Naperville Amazing Race Crossing Amazing Race Geneva Road Amazing Race Burnham Point Amazing Race Woodlake Amazing Race Willow Grove Amazing Race Rivermist Amazing Race Belmont Amazing Race Welco Corners Amazing Race High Meadow Amazing Race Farmington Amazing Race Jewell Road Amazing Race Warrenhurst Amazing Race Brighton Meadows Amazing Race Pheasant Chase Amazing Race Pepper Tree Amazing Race Heatherstone Amazing Race Woodleaf Amazing Race Heritage Place Amazing Race Beaconridge Amazing Race Shell Lake Estates Amazing Race Winston Woods Amazing Race River Oaks Amazing Race Eola Amazing Race

Treasure Hunt

Rivercrest Estates Treasure Hunt Bolingbrook Treasure Hunt Crossing Treasure Hunt River Oaks Treasure Hunt Champion Creek Treasure Hunt Hunters Ridge Treasure Hunt Breckenridge Estates Treasure Hunt Bloomfield Village Treasure Hunt Somerfield Treasure Hunt Woodlake Treasure Hunt Warrenhurst Treasure Hunt Brook Crossings Estates Treasure Hunt Walnut Woods Treasure Hunt River Woods Estates Treasure Hunt Frontenac Treasure Hunt Drafke Treasure Hunt Barbers Corners Treasure Hunt Lisle Treasure Hunt Winston Woods Treasure Hunt Eola Treasure Hunt Brighton Meadows Treasure Hunt Royce Hill Treasure Hunt Heather Sound Treasure Hunt Brookwood Estates Treasure Hunt Cherrywood Treasure Hunt River Woods Treasure Hunt Quail Grove Treasure Hunt Plantation Treasure Hunt Pepper Tree Treasure Hunt Wolf Creek Island Treasure Hunt Bayberry Ridge Treasure Hunt Warrenville Treasure Hunt Burnham Point Treasure Hunt Clow Creek Farm Treasure Hunt Naperville Treasure Hunt Batavia Junction Treasure Hunt Shell Lake Estates Treasure Hunt Crestview Knolls Treasure Hunt Claridge Estates Treasure Hunt Foxcroft Treasure Hunt Stonegate Treasure Hunt Heritage Creek Treasure Hunt Prairie Ridge Treasure Hunt Pheasant Chase Treasure Hunt Bloomfield West Treasure Hunt Woodleaf Treasure Hunt Winfield Treasure Hunt Walnut Ridge Treasure Hunt Hickory Oaks Treasure Hunt Tamarack Fairways Treasure Hunt Wheatland South Treasure Hunt Wheatland Highlands Treasure Hunt Brookwood Estates Treasure Hunt Farmington Treasure Hunt Marywood Treasure Hunt Saddle Creek Treasure Hunt Sugar Brook Treasure Hunt Southgate Park Treasure Hunt Country View Estates Treasure Hunt Willow Grove Treasure Hunt Old Sawmill Treasure Hunt Lakewood Ridge Treasure Hunt Hunters Trail Treasure Hunt Indian Oaks Treasure Hunt Westbury Treasure Hunt High Meadow Treasure Hunt Woodridge Treasure Hunt Wolf Creek Estates Treasure Hunt Kings Park Treasure Hunt Stillwater Treasure Hunt Arboretum Estates Treasure Hunt Valley View Treasure Hunt Scraper Moecherville Treasure Hunt Downers Grove Treasure Hunt Bradford Place Treasure Hunt Welco Corners Treasure Hunt Geneva Road Treasure Hunt Cinnamon Creek Treasure Hunt Heritage Knolls Treasure Hunt Woods Of Rivermist Treasure Hunt Wheaton Treasure Hunt Colonial Village Treasure Hunt Indian Boundary Treasure Hunt Heritage Place Treasure Hunt Jewell Road Treasure Hunt Winchester Place Treasure Hunt Beaconridge Treasure Hunt Cider Creek Treasure Hunt Ivanhoe Treasure Hunt Riverbend Treasure Hunt Winston Village Treasure Hunt Rose Hill Farms Treasure Hunt Wolfs Treasure Hunt Indian Chase Meadows Treasure Hunt Rivermist Treasure Hunt Wheatland View Treasure Hunt Heatherstone Treasure Hunt Reserves At Clearwater Treasure Hunt Belmont Treasure Hunt Home Run Treasure Hunt

Walking Tour

Ivanhoe Walking Tour High Meadow Walking Tour Bolingbrook Walking Tour Heritage Creek Walking Tour Arboretum Estates Walking Tour Willow Grove Walking Tour Brookwood Estates Walking Tour Pheasant Chase Walking Tour Hunters Ridge Walking Tour Batavia Junction Walking Tour Quail Grove Walking Tour Naperville Walking Tour Woodleaf Walking Tour Indian Chase Meadows Walking Tour Lisle Walking Tour Colonial Village Walking Tour Heritage Knolls Walking Tour Heritage Place Walking Tour Winfield Walking Tour Wheatland South Walking Tour Walnut Woods Walking Tour Geneva Road Walking Tour Indian Boundary Walking Tour Eola Walking Tour River Woods Walking Tour Woodlake Walking Tour Warrenville Walking Tour Pepper Tree Walking Tour Cinnamon Creek Walking Tour Winchester Place Walking Tour Indian Oaks Walking Tour Cherrywood Walking Tour Wolf Creek Island Walking Tour Walnut Ridge Walking Tour Plantation Walking Tour Heather Sound Walking Tour Frontenac Walking Tour Burnham Point Walking Tour Claridge Estates Walking Tour Champion Creek Walking Tour Farmington Walking Tour Jewell Road Walking Tour Rivermist Walking Tour Brook Crossings Estates Walking Tour Marywood Walking Tour Breckenridge Estates Walking Tour River Oaks Walking Tour Stillwater Walking Tour Woodridge Walking Tour Country View Estates Walking Tour Heatherstone Walking Tour Foxcroft Walking Tour Bayberry Ridge Walking Tour Drafke Walking Tour Tamarack Fairways Walking Tour Downers Grove Walking Tour Reserves At Clearwater Walking Tour Rose Hill Farms Walking Tour Belmont Walking Tour Saddle Creek Walking Tour Valley View Walking Tour Lakewood Ridge Walking Tour Old Sawmill Walking Tour Riverbend Walking Tour Woods Of Rivermist Walking Tour Hunters Trail Walking Tour Beaconridge Walking Tour Brighton Meadows Walking Tour Clow Creek Farm Walking Tour Winston Woods Walking Tour Bradford Place Walking Tour Bloomfield Village Walking Tour Shell Lake Estates Walking Tour Sugar Brook Walking Tour River Woods Estates Walking Tour Winston Village Walking Tour Royce Hill Walking Tour Wolf Creek Estates Walking Tour Stonegate Walking Tour Somerfield Walking Tour Wheatland Highlands Walking Tour Hickory Oaks Walking Tour Scraper Moecherville Walking Tour Welco Corners Walking Tour Brookwood Estates Walking Tour Rivercrest Estates Walking Tour Prairie Ridge Walking Tour Westbury Walking Tour Kings Park Walking Tour Barbers Corners Walking Tour Cider Creek Walking Tour Wolfs Walking Tour Wheatland View Walking Tour Crossing Walking Tour Southgate Park Walking Tour Wheaton Walking Tour Bloomfield West Walking Tour Home Run Walking Tour Warrenhurst Walking Tour Crestview Knolls Walking Tour

Escape Room

Heritage Creek Escape Room Wheatland View Escape Room Woodridge Escape Room Hunters Trail Escape Room Heritage Place Escape Room Arboretum Estates Escape Room Wolfs Escape Room Brook Crossings Estates Escape Room Frontenac Escape Room Bloomfield Village Escape Room Winston Woods Escape Room Woods Of Rivermist Escape Room Rivercrest Estates Escape Room Quail Grove Escape Room High Meadow Escape Room Tamarack Fairways Escape Room River Woods Escape Room Heatherstone Escape Room Saddle Creek Escape Room Indian Chase Meadows Escape Room Pheasant Chase Escape Room Clow Creek Farm Escape Room Kings Park Escape Room Heritage Knolls Escape Room Bradford Place Escape Room Westbury Escape Room Drafke Escape Room Claridge Estates Escape Room Woodlake Escape Room Cinnamon Creek Escape Room Wheatland South Escape Room Prairie Ridge Escape Room Pepper Tree Escape Room River Woods Estates Escape Room Bayberry Ridge Escape Room Home Run Escape Room Reserves At Clearwater Escape Room Barbers Corners Escape Room Warrenhurst Escape Room Brookwood Estates Escape Room Cherrywood Escape Room Bloomfield West Escape Room Southgate Park Escape Room Geneva Road Escape Room Wheatland Highlands Escape Room Welco Corners Escape Room Riverbend Escape Room Belmont Escape Room River Oaks Escape Room Royce Hill Escape Room Indian Boundary Escape Room Brookwood Estates Escape Room Crossing Escape Room Stillwater Escape Room Foxcroft Escape Room Bolingbrook Escape Room Warrenville Escape Room Hickory Oaks Escape Room Sugar Brook Escape Room Rose Hill Farms Escape Room Willow Grove Escape Room Stonegate Escape Room Shell Lake Estates Escape Room Scraper Moecherville Escape Room Winston Village Escape Room Champion Creek Escape Room Rivermist Escape Room Burnham Point Escape Room Jewell Road Escape Room Colonial Village Escape Room Wolf Creek Island Escape Room Somerfield Escape Room Valley View Escape Room Beaconridge Escape Room Downers Grove Escape Room Eola Escape Room Brighton Meadows Escape Room Wheaton Escape Room Plantation Escape Room Walnut Woods Escape Room Hunters Ridge Escape Room Breckenridge Estates Escape Room Lakewood Ridge Escape Room Country View Estates Escape Room Heather Sound Escape Room Woodleaf Escape Room Winchester Place Escape Room Marywood Escape Room Old Sawmill Escape Room Lisle Escape Room Cider Creek Escape Room Naperville Escape Room Winfield Escape Room Walnut Ridge Escape Room Crestview Knolls Escape Room Wolf Creek Estates Escape Room Ivanhoe Escape Room Farmington Escape Room Batavia Junction Escape Room Indian Oaks Escape Room

Scavenger Hunt

Drafke Scavenger Hunt Wolf Creek Island Scavenger Hunt Royce Hill Scavenger Hunt Westbury Scavenger Hunt Scraper Moecherville Scavenger Hunt Barbers Corners Scavenger Hunt Indian Boundary Scavenger Hunt Woodleaf Scavenger Hunt Cherrywood Scavenger Hunt Kings Park Scavenger Hunt Shell Lake Estates Scavenger Hunt Brook Crossings Estates Scavenger Hunt High Meadow Scavenger Hunt Heather Sound Scavenger Hunt Country View Estates Scavenger Hunt Downers Grove Scavenger Hunt Brookwood Estates Scavenger Hunt Indian Oaks Scavenger Hunt River Woods Estates Scavenger Hunt Stillwater Scavenger Hunt Wolf Creek Estates Scavenger Hunt Valley View Scavenger Hunt Rose Hill Farms Scavenger Hunt Burnham Point Scavenger Hunt Tamarack Fairways Scavenger Hunt Sugar Brook Scavenger Hunt Southgate Park Scavenger Hunt Quail Grove Scavenger Hunt Breckenridge Estates Scavenger Hunt Belmont Scavenger Hunt Old Sawmill Scavenger Hunt Walnut Ridge Scavenger Hunt Hickory Oaks Scavenger Hunt Willow Grove Scavenger Hunt Welco Corners Scavenger Hunt Brighton Meadows Scavenger Hunt Bayberry Ridge Scavenger Hunt Batavia Junction Scavenger Hunt Wheaton Scavenger Hunt Cider Creek Scavenger Hunt Beaconridge Scavenger Hunt Pheasant Chase Scavenger Hunt Brookwood Estates Scavenger Hunt Marywood Scavenger Hunt Indian Chase Meadows Scavenger Hunt Farmington Scavenger Hunt Riverbend Scavenger Hunt Ivanhoe Scavenger Hunt Lakewood Ridge Scavenger Hunt Geneva Road Scavenger Hunt Naperville Scavenger Hunt Wheatland Highlands Scavenger Hunt Claridge Estates Scavenger Hunt Warrenhurst Scavenger Hunt Heritage Creek Scavenger Hunt Lisle Scavenger Hunt Woodridge Scavenger Hunt Heatherstone Scavenger Hunt Champion Creek Scavenger Hunt Bolingbrook Scavenger Hunt Colonial Village Scavenger Hunt Woods Of Rivermist Scavenger Hunt Wheatland South Scavenger Hunt Walnut Woods Scavenger Hunt Winfield Scavenger Hunt River Woods Scavenger Hunt Hunters Ridge Scavenger Hunt Woodlake Scavenger Hunt Somerfield Scavenger Hunt Foxcroft Scavenger Hunt Heritage Place Scavenger Hunt Bradford Place Scavenger Hunt Hunters Trail Scavenger Hunt Heritage Knolls Scavenger Hunt Saddle Creek Scavenger Hunt Plantation Scavenger Hunt River Oaks Scavenger Hunt Bloomfield Village Scavenger Hunt Rivercrest Estates Scavenger Hunt Crossing Scavenger Hunt Cinnamon Creek Scavenger Hunt Pepper Tree Scavenger Hunt Jewell Road Scavenger Hunt Prairie Ridge Scavenger Hunt Warrenville Scavenger Hunt Stonegate Scavenger Hunt Eola Scavenger Hunt Winston Woods Scavenger Hunt Crestview Knolls Scavenger Hunt Frontenac Scavenger Hunt Bloomfield West Scavenger Hunt Arboretum Estates Scavenger Hunt Wolfs Scavenger Hunt Clow Creek Farm Scavenger Hunt Reserves At Clearwater Scavenger Hunt Rivermist Scavenger Hunt Winchester Place Scavenger Hunt Winston Village Scavenger Hunt Home Run Scavenger Hunt Wheatland View Scavenger Hunt

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