Puzzling Adventures Customer Photo Take your friends or family on a fun outdoor journey with a Puzzling Adventure. Explore your city and discover some of its hidden secrets. Enjoy sightseeing in a whole new way!

Puzzling Adventures

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About Puzzling Adventures

Searching for an engaging activity to enjoy with your kids, teens, tweens, other family, friends or colleagues?

Step into the world of Puzzling Adventures, a captivating blend of scavenger hunt, self-guided walking tour and an amazing race. Experience the outdoors in a whole new light as you embark on this unique adventure. Navigate the city, solving puzzles and answering questions to uncover your next destination. All you need is a smartphone and an appetite for an unforgettable escapade!

Perfect for all generations...

Whether you're spending special time with your friends, children, parents, grandchildren, or grandparents, our adventures are tailored to accommodate everyone. Our wheelchair and stroller-friendly experiences are crafted to be both entertaining and informative, appealing to a diverse audience. With activities designed to engage all ages, Puzzling Adventures goal is to provide a memorable experience for everybody who participates.

Embark on your journey, your way, your time...

As our adventures are self-guided, you have the freedom to play whenever suits you with no need for reservations. Whether you're racing for first place or savoring each moment, the choice is yours. Immerse your senses in all of the locations you'll encounter, all at your own pace.

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Puzzling Adventures near Oxford

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Customer Reviews

I got this as a gift for my wife and we loved it!
Alvin M.
This was really fun, it was a nice day and we learned a lot!
Bill S.
I liked how each clue showed us little known facts about the city. It made finding local eateries and sights easy. Very fun!
Taylor V.
Image © Richie Jayne

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Puzzling Adventures Highlights

  • Accessible
  • Exploration
  • Team building
  • No reservations
  • Photo Challenges
  • Outdoor activity
  • Flat rate price
  • Kid friendly
  • 250+ Locations
  • Informative
  • Enriching

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Time in the outdoors offers the benefit of mental rest and rejuvenation, it has been shown to improve memory, attention, impulse control, and creativity in the general population. For example, in children, it has led to improved school performance.
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Mapping Martyrs Memorial, 13 Magdalen St, Oxford, England OX1 3AE

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Martyrs Memorial, 13 Magdalen St, Oxford, England OX1 3AE

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Treasure Hunt

Sutton Courtenay Treasure Hunt Murcott Treasure Hunt South Leigh Treasure Hunt Marcham Treasure Hunt Brookhampton Treasure Hunt Drayton Treasure Hunt Stadhampton Treasure Hunt Clifton Hampden Treasure Hunt Church Hanborough Treasure Hunt Chislehampton Treasure Hunt Cuddesdon Treasure Hunt Drayton Saint Leonard Treasure Hunt Eynsham Treasure Hunt Marsh Baldon Treasure Hunt Sutton Wick Treasure Hunt Standlake Treasure Hunt Long Wittenham Treasure Hunt Sutton Treasure Hunt Charlton On Otmoor Treasure Hunt Shippon Treasure Hunt Chawley Treasure Hunt North Hinksey Treasure Hunt Dorchester On Thames Treasure Hunt Frilford Treasure Hunt Brighthampton Treasure Hunt Worton Treasure Hunt Henwood Treasure Hunt Iffley Treasure Hunt Waterperry Treasure Hunt Horspath Treasure Hunt Abingdon Treasure Hunt Littlemore Treasure Hunt Woodstock Treasure Hunt Summertown Treasure Hunt Begbroke Treasure Hunt Horton Cum Studley Treasure Hunt Worminghall Treasure Hunt Boars Hill Treasure Hunt Cothill Treasure Hunt Bladon Treasure Hunt Shipton On Cherwell Treasure Hunt Dry Sanford Treasure Hunt Tubney Treasure Hunt Forest Hill Treasure Hunt Little Milton Treasure Hunt Littleworth Treasure Hunt Northmoor Treasure Hunt Kidlington Treasure Hunt Radley Treasure Hunt Bayworth Treasure Hunt Marston Treasure Hunt Stanton Saint John Treasure Hunt Studley Treasure Hunt Wolvercote Treasure Hunt Yarnton Treasure Hunt Farmoor Treasure Hunt Bletchingdon Treasure Hunt Kirtlington Treasure Hunt Great Milton Treasure Hunt Wootton Treasure Hunt Nuneham Courtenay Treasure Hunt Weston On The Green Treasure Hunt Burcot Treasure Hunt Freeland Treasure Hunt Great Haseley Treasure Hunt Appleton Treasure Hunt Culham Treasure Hunt Thrupp Treasure Hunt Noke Treasure Hunt Headington Treasure Hunt Hampton Poyle Treasure Hunt Sunningwell Treasure Hunt Garford Treasure Hunt Stanton Harcourt Treasure Hunt Cumnor Treasure Hunt Garsington Treasure Hunt Oxford Treasure Hunt Wytham Treasure Hunt Oddington Treasure Hunt Ickford Treasure Hunt Fyfield Treasure Hunt Berinsfield Treasure Hunt Godstow Treasure Hunt South Hinksey Treasure Hunt Sandford On Thames Treasure Hunt Boarstall Treasure Hunt Merton Treasure Hunt Holton Treasure Hunt Cassington Treasure Hunt Waterstock Treasure Hunt Cowley Treasure Hunt Long Hanborough Treasure Hunt Appleford Treasure Hunt Heathfield Treasure Hunt Wheatley Treasure Hunt Toot Baldon Treasure Hunt Beckley Treasure Hunt Islip Treasure Hunt Kennington Treasure Hunt Elsfield Treasure Hunt

Walking Tour

Boars Hill Walking Tour Iffley Walking Tour Toot Baldon Walking Tour Abingdon Walking Tour Eynsham Walking Tour Kirtlington Walking Tour Worminghall Walking Tour Studley Walking Tour Northmoor Walking Tour Beckley Walking Tour Kennington Walking Tour Bayworth Walking Tour South Leigh Walking Tour Charlton On Otmoor Walking Tour Great Milton Walking Tour Long Hanborough Walking Tour Wytham Walking Tour Shipton On Cherwell Walking Tour Appleford Walking Tour Littleworth Walking Tour Yarnton Walking Tour Heathfield Walking Tour Marston Walking Tour Garsington Walking Tour Thrupp Walking Tour Nuneham Courtenay Walking Tour Drayton Saint Leonard Walking Tour North Hinksey Walking Tour Long Wittenham Walking Tour Summertown Walking Tour Elsfield Walking Tour Noke Walking Tour Appleton Walking Tour Oddington Walking Tour Islip Walking Tour Dry Sanford Walking Tour Bladon Walking Tour Cuddesdon Walking Tour Frilford Walking Tour Freeland Walking Tour Wheatley Walking Tour Tubney Walking Tour Little Milton Walking Tour Weston On The Green Walking Tour Sunningwell Walking Tour Murcott Walking Tour Fyfield Walking Tour Shippon Walking Tour Littlemore Walking Tour Headington Walking Tour Bletchingdon Walking Tour Forest Hill Walking Tour Sutton Wick Walking Tour Kidlington Walking Tour Cumnor Walking Tour Marsh Baldon Walking Tour Sutton Walking Tour Standlake Walking Tour Clifton Hampden Walking Tour Hampton Poyle Walking Tour Boarstall Walking Tour Stanton Harcourt Walking Tour Oxford Walking Tour Merton Walking Tour Waterstock Walking Tour Godstow Walking Tour Garford Walking Tour Sutton Courtenay Walking Tour Brookhampton Walking Tour Cowley Walking Tour Brighthampton Walking Tour Berinsfield Walking Tour South Hinksey Walking Tour Burcot Walking Tour Waterperry Walking Tour Begbroke Walking Tour Horspath Walking Tour Worton Walking Tour Drayton Walking Tour Great Haseley Walking Tour Farmoor Walking Tour Cothill Walking Tour Henwood Walking Tour Marcham Walking Tour Radley Walking Tour Dorchester On Thames Walking Tour Chislehampton Walking Tour Cassington Walking Tour Ickford Walking Tour Wootton Walking Tour Sandford On Thames Walking Tour Chawley Walking Tour Stanton Saint John Walking Tour Stadhampton Walking Tour Church Hanborough Walking Tour Holton Walking Tour Woodstock Walking Tour Horton Cum Studley Walking Tour Culham Walking Tour Wolvercote Walking Tour

Escape Room

Begbroke Escape Room Church Hanborough Escape Room Freeland Escape Room Stanton Saint John Escape Room Elsfield Escape Room Chislehampton Escape Room Noke Escape Room Marston Escape Room Islip Escape Room Frilford Escape Room Murcott Escape Room Iffley Escape Room Great Haseley Escape Room Beckley Escape Room Heathfield Escape Room Henwood Escape Room Berinsfield Escape Room Studley Escape Room Toot Baldon Escape Room Sutton Escape Room Bayworth Escape Room Burcot Escape Room Boarstall Escape Room Weston On The Green Escape Room Clifton Hampden Escape Room Fyfield Escape Room Farmoor Escape Room Hampton Poyle Escape Room Appleton Escape Room Garsington Escape Room Summertown Escape Room Marcham Escape Room Yarnton Escape Room Cuddesdon Escape Room Worton Escape Room Sandford On Thames Escape Room Horton Cum Studley Escape Room Headington Escape Room Ickford Escape Room South Hinksey Escape Room Bladon Escape Room Great Milton Escape Room Waterstock Escape Room Drayton Escape Room Oxford Escape Room Nuneham Courtenay Escape Room Oddington Escape Room Cothill Escape Room Wootton Escape Room Radley Escape Room Northmoor Escape Room Wheatley Escape Room Dry Sanford Escape Room North Hinksey Escape Room Kirtlington Escape Room Abingdon Escape Room South Leigh Escape Room Cowley Escape Room Boars Hill Escape Room Drayton Saint Leonard Escape Room Kennington Escape Room Charlton On Otmoor Escape Room Littlemore Escape Room Long Hanborough Escape Room Shippon Escape Room Marsh Baldon Escape Room Culham Escape Room Appleford Escape Room Horspath Escape Room Sutton Wick Escape Room Little Milton Escape Room Littleworth Escape Room Long Wittenham Escape Room Tubney Escape Room Stadhampton Escape Room Merton Escape Room Kidlington Escape Room Shipton On Cherwell Escape Room Waterperry Escape Room Woodstock Escape Room Garford Escape Room Cumnor Escape Room Standlake Escape Room Wolvercote Escape Room Thrupp Escape Room Wytham Escape Room Eynsham Escape Room Brookhampton Escape Room Godstow Escape Room Brighthampton Escape Room Stanton Harcourt Escape Room Dorchester On Thames Escape Room Holton Escape Room Cassington Escape Room Chawley Escape Room Sunningwell Escape Room Worminghall Escape Room Forest Hill Escape Room Sutton Courtenay Escape Room Bletchingdon Escape Room

Amazing Race

Eynsham Amazing Race Bayworth Amazing Race Worminghall Amazing Race Cowley Amazing Race Wolvercote Amazing Race Murcott Amazing Race Sutton Wick Amazing Race Oxford Amazing Race Littlemore Amazing Race Heathfield Amazing Race Church Hanborough Amazing Race Wytham Amazing Race Wootton Amazing Race Culham Amazing Race Standlake Amazing Race Kennington Amazing Race Garford Amazing Race Little Milton Amazing Race Chislehampton Amazing Race Berinsfield Amazing Race Bletchingdon Amazing Race Long Wittenham Amazing Race Farmoor Amazing Race Weston On The Green Amazing Race Sutton Courtenay Amazing Race Studley Amazing Race Kirtlington Amazing Race Boars Hill Amazing Race Cuddesdon Amazing Race Holton Amazing Race Shippon Amazing Race Waterstock Amazing Race Merton Amazing Race Elsfield Amazing Race Bladon Amazing Race Nuneham Courtenay Amazing Race Abingdon Amazing Race Drayton Saint Leonard Amazing Race Marston Amazing Race Sutton Amazing Race Marcham Amazing Race Dry Sanford Amazing Race Headington Amazing Race Frilford Amazing Race Brighthampton Amazing Race Waterperry Amazing Race Radley Amazing Race Henwood Amazing Race Northmoor Amazing Race Islip Amazing Race Fyfield Amazing Race Stadhampton Amazing Race Chawley Amazing Race Woodstock Amazing Race Cassington Amazing Race Stanton Harcourt Amazing Race Appleton Amazing Race Toot Baldon Amazing Race Cumnor Amazing Race Stanton Saint John Amazing Race Horspath Amazing Race Charlton On Otmoor Amazing Race Godstow Amazing Race Long Hanborough Amazing Race Dorchester On Thames Amazing Race North Hinksey Amazing Race Hampton Poyle Amazing Race Tubney Amazing Race Boarstall Amazing Race Sandford On Thames Amazing Race Drayton Amazing Race Forest Hill Amazing Race Summertown Amazing Race Noke Amazing Race Freeland Amazing Race Littleworth Amazing Race Burcot Amazing Race Begbroke Amazing Race Marsh Baldon Amazing Race Horton Cum Studley Amazing Race Wheatley Amazing Race Appleford Amazing Race Garsington Amazing Race Great Haseley Amazing Race Beckley Amazing Race Yarnton Amazing Race Clifton Hampden Amazing Race South Hinksey Amazing Race Thrupp Amazing Race Iffley Amazing Race Kidlington Amazing Race Worton Amazing Race Sunningwell Amazing Race Ickford Amazing Race South Leigh Amazing Race Great Milton Amazing Race Oddington Amazing Race Brookhampton Amazing Race Cothill Amazing Race Shipton On Cherwell Amazing Race

Scavenger Hunt

South Hinksey Scavenger Hunt Merton Scavenger Hunt Appleton Scavenger Hunt Long Wittenham Scavenger Hunt Littlemore Scavenger Hunt Nuneham Courtenay Scavenger Hunt North Hinksey Scavenger Hunt Cuddesdon Scavenger Hunt Eynsham Scavenger Hunt Littleworth Scavenger Hunt Stanton Saint John Scavenger Hunt Yarnton Scavenger Hunt Garsington Scavenger Hunt Burcot Scavenger Hunt Marsh Baldon Scavenger Hunt Standlake Scavenger Hunt Northmoor Scavenger Hunt Forest Hill Scavenger Hunt Cowley Scavenger Hunt Wootton Scavenger Hunt Woodstock Scavenger Hunt Horspath Scavenger Hunt Sutton Wick Scavenger Hunt Clifton Hampden Scavenger Hunt Headington Scavenger Hunt Ickford Scavenger Hunt Brookhampton Scavenger Hunt Garford Scavenger Hunt Berinsfield Scavenger Hunt Henwood Scavenger Hunt Church Hanborough Scavenger Hunt Summertown Scavenger Hunt Shipton On Cherwell Scavenger Hunt Sutton Scavenger Hunt Marston Scavenger Hunt Freeland Scavenger Hunt Oxford Scavenger Hunt Worminghall Scavenger Hunt Beckley Scavenger Hunt Bletchingdon Scavenger Hunt Wolvercote Scavenger Hunt Iffley Scavenger Hunt Chawley Scavenger Hunt Shippon Scavenger Hunt Great Milton Scavenger Hunt Toot Baldon Scavenger Hunt Begbroke Scavenger Hunt Sunningwell Scavenger Hunt Worton Scavenger Hunt Cumnor Scavenger Hunt Chislehampton Scavenger Hunt Little Milton Scavenger Hunt Appleford Scavenger Hunt Heathfield Scavenger Hunt Marcham Scavenger Hunt Bayworth Scavenger Hunt Sutton Courtenay Scavenger Hunt Boars Hill Scavenger Hunt Culham Scavenger Hunt Fyfield Scavenger Hunt Charlton On Otmoor Scavenger Hunt South Leigh Scavenger Hunt Wheatley Scavenger Hunt Murcott Scavenger Hunt Kirtlington Scavenger Hunt Waterperry Scavenger Hunt Studley Scavenger Hunt Radley Scavenger Hunt Oddington Scavenger Hunt Hampton Poyle Scavenger Hunt Wytham Scavenger Hunt Holton Scavenger Hunt Bladon Scavenger Hunt Stanton Harcourt Scavenger Hunt Noke Scavenger Hunt Brighthampton Scavenger Hunt Abingdon Scavenger Hunt Elsfield Scavenger Hunt Great Haseley Scavenger Hunt Thrupp Scavenger Hunt Horton Cum Studley Scavenger Hunt Kennington Scavenger Hunt Islip Scavenger Hunt Weston On The Green Scavenger Hunt Dorchester On Thames Scavenger Hunt Farmoor Scavenger Hunt Kidlington Scavenger Hunt Cothill Scavenger Hunt Long Hanborough Scavenger Hunt Frilford Scavenger Hunt Boarstall Scavenger Hunt Godstow Scavenger Hunt Waterstock Scavenger Hunt Drayton Saint Leonard Scavenger Hunt Tubney Scavenger Hunt Drayton Scavenger Hunt Sandford On Thames Scavenger Hunt Dry Sanford Scavenger Hunt Stadhampton Scavenger Hunt Cassington Scavenger Hunt
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